Monday, May 7, 2012

Imagine... What do you see?

What a great way to start a Monday. A good devotional thought that goes along with what I've been meditating on for over a week.

Dear God, There are so many vocations in this world. There are so many ministry opportunities in this world too, in the workplace, home, neighborhood, church... Help me to see my special mission field. Where do You want me to serve? Am I in the right place? Am I taking advantage of every opportunity You have for me? Is there somewhere else You want me to exercise the spiritual gifts, natural talents, and heartfelt desires You have given me? Please open my eyes that I may see; speak to my heart that I may know. Thank You for guiding me and blessing me according to Your will. In Jesus' name I come to You, amen.
I have been thinking about change. Or at least a way to make a little extra money. Of course it involves sales because that is the area in which I've been gifted by God, but it also involves people and my passion for houses. I love looking at houses and magazines and pictures... It's my escape from the real world... to imagine a beautiful landscaped yard, a crystal clear swimming pool, nice wood decks and flowers... Lots of flowers... It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I have magazines from back in the 1990's that I've kept as inspiration pages. (My children have TRIED to throw them away, but I keep them hidden so they can't)

Anyway, the thing I love the most about how God reveals a path to me is in the still small voice that prompts me to check things out. Things I didn't even know that I wanted, but I believe with all that is in me was put there by God so that He could work it out in my life. The things that are always with you, yet you don't realize until they lay out like domino's and lead you to the next thing in God's plan for you.

As I think this thing through, I'll be looking, no EXPECTING, God to show up in a mighy way to blow me over and affirm the decisions He planting in my heart. I love when he does that and I want that all the time, but if we had everything we wanted immediately, then where would our Hope be? How would we learn to depend on His leading and Guiding... If we could do it on our own, why would we need a Savior who wants to walk in relationship and trust with us? I much prefer doing it with God as my lead.

Pray with me please as I seek the set-up that I know is coming. As I take a step of faith that brings me down a path of His choosing.

I love this life of mine and I will follow you Lord...

Walking in His abundant joy!!
Lea Anne

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