Friday, August 7, 2009

Had our first showing of the house...

We had a call within the first few hours of putting the sign in the yard. The guy called and wanted to see the house at 1pm yesterday. Of course I said yes. I knew when I put the sign in the yard, that someone would call and I hadn't cleaned the house yet. (Well my idea of clean!)

So I already had an appointment with the kids dentist set for 10:30 and I had to wait til that was through before I went home to clean... I didn't get home until almost noon. While I was at the dentist, Dana called and said the termite guy was coming to do an inspection around the perimeter of the house and would be digging some of the dirt away for inspection purposes... When I drove up, I wish I had a picture of the mess that he made, but I was in too much of a hurry to clean the inside... Oh my goodness, it looked like a gopher had dug out the entire dirt surrounding the house and left mounds of grass piled up at each turn... Oh, well, a prospective buyer should be impressed that we care about termites, right? I didn't let that deter me.

So I did a mad superwoman vacuum queen thing and amazed myself with the amount of cleaning one person can get done in 30 minutes.

Back to the couple that called to look at it. He called me at 12 and said He wanted to bring his girlfriend at 12:30 and his wife at 1pm? Would I have a problem with that? I just said to make sure he brought the one with all the kids. Seriously, he told me that he had a friend that lived in the neighborhood that he wanted to see it also and it just so happened that I knew her. So she came in and walked around and he came in and walked around while he was waiting on his wife and then the wife came in and walked around too. They have 5 kids... 10, 8, 6, 4, and 1 and are currently living in a 2400 sq ft house with all of them. So they are definitely in the "Must Have" category... They didn't seem overly excited, but this isn't about what we seem. It's what we need and God knows what we need. So I'll let him worry about that...

However, the girl that I knew brought her husband by at 6pm last night so he could give his opinion to the friends... This husband, just so happens to have been my anesthesiologist when I had Keelea... Great, nothing like a visitor who has seen ALL OF YOUR PRIVATE PARTS WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF LABOR... So what's a little dirt in the bathroom going to hurt? Right..

Day one of our adventure turned out to be a little wild and fun... We'll see what day 2 holds.
Talk to you soon,
Lea Anne

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