Friday, December 26, 2008

My Favorite Things!

I was looking on line at some other people's blogs and some of them were listing their favorite things... I never really stop to think about what my favorite things are so I thought I would spend a few minutes sharing with you what I like!

My Favorite luxury?
An afternoon Nap! Or a Massage!!!(I prefer the professional type but will take anything anyone is willing to give me..;-)

My Favorite book?
My tastes in books have changed over the years, and although I like a good romance novel... (I used to be addicted to Harlequin Romance novels and had thousounds of them) I now find that I like to read inspirational books from preachers or good bible teachers... I know that sounds like a "Religious" answer, but it is what I choose to fill my mind with now... Things that promote a better mindset and an overcomer mentality... Right now I'm reading "The Shack" and "Becoming a Better You"... I usually have two or three books going at once.. call me ADD...

My favorite Movie?
Light hearted comedies for sure...Overboard... The Family Man... The Family Stone... Back to the Future... that sort of thing... I DON'T like sappy, tear jerking type movies... I can somewhat abide Action films but not when they have too many curse words. So that leaves a lot of movies out...

My favorite scripture?
"Be not grieved and depressed, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold." Nehemiah 8:10...

My favorite topic to discuss?
My current walk with the Lord...What God has been doing in my life and how God is in control of everything... This puts a whole lot of people on edge and so I can tell that some people don't want to talk to me... It's still my favorite thing to talk about.

My favorite food?
Spaghetti or anything Italian... Olive Garden is my favorite.... Then Mexican... I love a good chicken enchilada.. Then Steak... Medium...and baked patato... YUMMY!!

My favorite snack food?
UMMMM.... all kinds.... chips/dip, oreos,

My favorite Coffee?
Eight O'Clock brand... creamer and three equals... Comfort food for me... I even like a cup at night before I go to bed...

My favorite person?
Why you, of course....

My favorite activity?
Blogging... teaching Sunday School... and I guess I could put my job here... I do love what I do...

My Favorite Magazine?
I love any kind of Home interior decorating magazine... I also love Woman's world, or For Women First...

My Favorite Boardgame?
Without a doubt it's Scrabble.... but I love Payday... I don't much like Monopoly...I have to think too hard... I like "Scene It"...

If I can think of any other "Favorites" I'll sign back on... what are some of your favorite things to do? If you don't have a blogger ID, then sign up and get one... It's free and easy I'd like some comments here!!

I love you all.
Lea Anne

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Heidi said...

Ooh, Lea Anne, this is such a good topic, I may have to post this as well and link back to you. You are such a great writer, btw.