Monday, April 6, 2009

Beth Moore Living Proof Live event in New Orleans

I treated myself to a weekend in New Orleans and attended the Beth Moore event at the Super Dome this weekend. I received a fresh word from God through Beth and I encourage anyone who has never seen her in person to do so whenever you get the chance. The worship experience alone was worth the trip but the teaching was spectacular.

She was definitely "First Class"... It got me to thinking that God is an excellent God. Everything He does is first class, and we should strive to do no less in our lives... our Jobs, our homes, our extra curricular activities, everything, should be done with excellence.

This is what the stadium looked like with over 6600 women worshipping God. I was somewhere in the mix, but that wasn't as important as feeling the overwhelming presence of God there with us.

Excellence is my new word... I've said it three or four times in Dana's presence and he's called my attention to it. It reminds me of a worship song we sang in Ukraine... Romans 16:19 says, be excellent at what is good, be innocent of evil...
I want to be excellent...
Lea Anne

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