Thursday, June 11, 2009

An opportunity...

We always knew the building of 4109 Woodside was directed by God as you can read in the link to the right of my blogpage. Once when I was praying and in my quiet time, I thought that maybe the Lord was telling us that we wouldn't even get to live there. I read something that said "You will never live in the beautiful stone houses you are building."
And although we have lived there for 6 months, I think Dana and I have decided to sell our house.
It wasn't a hard decision... Just now we're back to trusting God for the next step and the next move.

When you feel the prompting of the Spirit to do something new, then you take the step of faith and do it, then you wait for God to do His part.
That is where we are.... Waiting...
Waiting is not easy, but I've never been disappointed when God delivers...
Care to wait with us?
Lea Anne

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