Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily Quiet Time

I find the greatest pleasure when I'm curled up in a chair or fluffed up in my pillows with my Bible, Journal and a cup of coffee... I don't always do my Bible study in the morning, but when I have the time to Journal, that's usually when I do it. Saturday mornings are my favorite, when the girls are still asleep and Dana hasn't gotten up yet, that I can focus on journaling...
I would like to encourage you to keep a journal... I've got journals from as far back as 1991... and it is amazing how grown up I've become in the way I write. My journals are mostly prayers about my friends and family, or the things that I feel God is laying on my heart to desire, but some are of actions or attitudes that I may need help or forgiveness for... This is where I am amazed at the change the Lord has made in my life. I am truly a different person than I was just 5 years ago... So much more changed than 15 years ago... And just since New Year's, the Lord has done a lot of things in my life to change my attitude about certain people and problems in my world... I love the Lord and I love God's word... It speaks so clearly as to the things I need to be doing and thinking.
Right now I am studying Colossians... A great book on the true sovereignty of Jesus and what he did for us so that we can live forever with him...
I cherish my moments with my Lord and my journal... I just wanted to share my thougths with you today.
Believe the Lord for something GREAT today!
Lea Anne

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