Friday, February 27, 2009

Do you love your Job, or not!

Today has been a crazy Friday... I love Fridays, so even a crazy one is okay every now and then. But I am amazed at how many people told me today that they hate their job... This job... the SAME job that I have and absolutely LOVE!!!
I'm just amazed at perspective... Two people can be going through the same thing, and one sees it one way and the other sees it completely different... Has that happened to you?
I just wanted to encourage you today. If you find yourself in a job that you honestly don't like, then don't waste another minute being miserable... Here are two things that you can do today to change that situation...
1. Get another Job!!!
2. Get another attitude about your job...

Both of these are doable and I don't want to hear anyone out there say "I can't"... Yes, You... Can!!
Start today living on purpose... be intentional about everything you do... Live life with joy... find what makes you happy and do it... Don't spend another day being miserable with something that is SO EASY to change...
Ask God to help you. He will you know... You have to just ask..
I hope that you are one of those that LOVE what you do... If not, maybe this could be food for thought... and I wish you the best.
Lea Anne


Miss Sandy said...

I have to say an emphatic "YES!" I love my job! I am a keeper of my home who gets to take care of the people I love them most in the whole world! I get to write in the coziest little cottage ever and be paid for it! I get to spend time in my art studio and get paid for it! So, yes, I love my job!

Tamara Jansen said...

I would emphatically say YES I love my job. My job is a TON of fun. If you check out todays post, you'll see WHY I love my job :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Great points and oh so true! Why waste so much time on something you don't like? Life is too short and there are so many other options.