Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Man in Need

I just had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and when my coworkers and I walked out there was a man that stopped my boss to ask for help with his weekly rent at the motel next door... I have to say that this is an uncomfortable place to be in... The asking for help... and the being asked for help....

What do you do when you need help?

What do you do if someone else needs help?

I suggested that the guy go to the churches to see if they had a benevolence fund... His response was that he wasn't a church going man....
I would suggest that if we find ourselves in need, the first place we go is to the Father, our heavenly Father, who knows of our need but is waiting for us to call out to him for help!!!

Sometimes God allows circumstances to happen in our life that brings us to a place where we are on our knees... and the only place we have to look is up to God... If people run in to save the day, a person will not need to call out to God... So although I didn't give the guy money to pay his rent, I suggested he start with the church... if he seeks God, he will find Him.

Don't forget that He is always there for us...

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