Saturday, September 27, 2008

Freedom through Obedience

Freedom through Obedience... This phrase has captured my heart over the last few years and I feel the desire to write a book devoted to reaching out to people who may be suffering from severe oppression or depression. I will take this step by step as it plays out in my mind and would welcome any comments in agreement or disagreement from any of you. It will actually help me in my research on this topic. I can also take constructive criticism, so lay it on.

First of all, I want to pose a question. Just something for you to think about... If you feel led, leave a comment if not, then just answer the question in your mind and heart.

Do you feel like you are searching for happiness?

I will let you think about this for a while as I prepare for what I feel the Lord has laid on my heart to share with you.

Until then....
Lea Anne


Janice Miller Moore said...

I would like to think I am in the majority in answering this question with a no but I know there are so many people out there that do feel like it's something they are constantly searching for in their life. For me, I have Jesus in my life and live the best I can in obedience to His will for my life. Everything seems to fall in place and I feel like my motto song should be that song by Martina McBride, Blessed. I know hard times will come in my life just like they have before but I also know that my God is with me through it all and loves me and will protect me just like I would my own children. Things aren't always perfect and I don't always get what I WANT but God knows what I NEED and He is always faithful.
Thanks for letting me share this, LeaAnne, and thanks for helping me stay grounded (the good kind) in high school. :)

Lea Anne McCrory Wood said...

Thanks for sharing Janice, This is exactly the kind of comments I'd like to hear. Anybody else feel like sharing your answer to the question?