Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And...You Decorate My Life...

Keelea, Big, Bold and BLUE

Chateau de la Barre
(House of Witness)

Ooooh, la la (my spa bath)

Ashton is bright and Orange

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Janice Miller Moore said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks like it is coming along great! I really like the orange room.
You'll appreciate this story......we were a few days out from closing and they were going to put the last stain on our concrete. We got a call later that evening and they told us the stain would not hold on the concrete (which we had told them all along we didn't think they were doing it right). We were scrambling around trying to pick out tile for our floor at the last minute. We ended up liking the tile better so it all worked out ok. Just a little panic there at the end.
I cant wait to see more pictures!!!