Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Letting Go

I have to comment on the email I received this morning from Jessica about crying when her son left for work... I have also faced the reality of my daughter leaving for school, although I didn't cry, there is still a segment of our lives that is different now. I don't remember it being that difficult on me when I was that age. Maybe it's denial? I don't know, maybe kids really do adjust and can handle change better than someone that's 30 something!!
I think I can relate to the question about how our parents let us go… It seems like a lot of us, got married or had kids right out of High School and like me, I don’t remember it being such a big deal… Our parents were probably crying behind their doors… I also see the things we took for granted.. Like our parents’ marriages always staying together… I wonder how many of our folks got divorced right after we got out of school? Huh? I don’t want to bring up bad memories, but I figure it happened to most of us… I guess I’m saying all of this because we are at that same stage in life where our kids are getting older and are becoming adults themselves, and some of the things we seem to just have put up with over the years in our marriage, are at a point that we don’t want to put up with them anymore… I challenge us all to stick it out just a little longer… I think most people start getting a little itchy about this age in life, because I’ve never been more secure in who I am and know what I want than at this time in my life, and I think that is a dangerous position to be in…. We should all be dependent on our spouse for companionship at this time in our life… Just think, when all the kids are grown up and gone on to their lives, we can have a wonderful down time with our spouses instead of feeling at a loss as to how to start over.… If you are involved with a blended family, like I am, it isn’t any easier dealing with those problems than it is dealing with the problems you’re getting out of... Just wanted to share my thoughts and believe me, My own parents divorced at about this exact time in their lives, so I understand that some things may not seem like they’re able to overcome, but with Christ, all things are possible… Just a thought…

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