Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a Beautiful Day!

Today was absolutely beautiful here is SWLA. I started my day by attending Sunday School and took my turn in Extended Session. I don't think you ever graduate from working in the nursery once you sign up because there are always children being born and there's always a need to serve there. Ragan used to be my partner in there, but since she's moved to Ruston, Ashton is now old enough to help me out. So we served together in the 2 year old class.

Then we went to eat at one of our favorite BUFFET mexican restaurants and I only ate one plate so I didn't feel like waddleling out of there. And finally, I was able to come home and indulge in my "Sunday Siesta." It is a standard treat for me, as I don't like to do anything right after church except sleep. So now I'm just waking up and had to log on...

Have you had a chance to think about the question in the last blog? Do you find that you are searching for happiness?

Well I'd like to dig a little deeper and pose this next question...
If you are searching for happiness, do you feel like you deserve it?

This is a two part question, in that you may really want it, but don't feel like you deserve it. Or you may be happy for the moment, but you think something might happen to it and it will be taken away from you because you don't feel worthy of having it.

These are important questions that once answered will help us get to the bottom of why we aren't living a life of abundant joy and happiness every single day of our life. I want to help you find happiness, but I remove myself from the responsibility of making you happy. No one can make us happy, or mad, or sad, or depressed... We have to take that responsibility ourselves and then if we are ready.... to CHANGE our situation...

I pray we can go together on this journey to true happiness.
Have a Happy Sunday Siesta!
Lea Anne

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