Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Carried Away

I'm still figuring out where this new feeling of compassion is coming from for the brokenhearted... I know in the past when I've felt a little depressed or sad, I knew I could call on the Holy Spirit to comfort me... I remember the poem called Footprints... Do you? It was about how when things were going good in a person's life there were two sets of footprints on the sand, but when things were tough, there was only one set of footprints.. The walker asked God why that was and God's response was, "I was carrying you!" (or something close to that)

We do not have to beg the sun for light, and we don't have to beg the Holy Spirit for comfort either. He is comfort... We simply have to separate ourselves from anything that separates us from Him... We have to pray that when we go through difficult times, He will give us a greater sense of His comfort in it.

Is there some sin that is separating you from receiving the comfort of God? Ask Him to reveal it to you and have the courage to turn from that sin today. This is not about feeling better, it's about knowing our savior is there, carrying us through the difficulty and wanting to be a comfort to us... And then, because we do this, we do feel better...
I feel better already!
Lea Anne

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