Thursday, October 23, 2008

Noticing the Needs of Others

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5

Last night I had the privilege of going to supper and prayer meeting at church. I did what I normally do and I stopped to say Hello to my friends or slowed down to speak to people on the way to my table. It was a good time to fellowship around the table with my church family... However, right before the prayer meeting started, I noticed a guy that was sitting at a table all by himself, and I couldn't help but notice he was crying... I just asked him to join our table and he did, but he was still crying... This was a little uncomfortable because being the fixer that I am, I just wanted to fix whatever was wrong with him, and be comfortable again... That didn't happen right away. We had the devotional and went into the prayer time and as we all prayed out loud, when it was his turn, he just said, "God, just be with me." His prayer was interrupted as the pastor called the group back into corporate prayer, but I couldn't just leave it there.
After the prayer time was over, I just asked him, How can I pray for you right now?
He was able to open up somewhat, and I can't say that I even offered a solution to his problems, but I did pray for him, and I'm still praying for him...
His whole burden was that he wanted to be around family... He just needed to be with his brother...
We can't always depend on our family, or our friends and loved ones to be there for us when we just need to be comforted... But we do have an advocate for us in Jesus Christ. Tell God all about your needs and everything that is in your heart. Don't worry, He won't be surprised or shocked. He already knows. He is just waiting to hear it from you.
Although we are the hands and feet of Jesus and if we look for opportunities to hug someone or sit with someone who is lonely, and just be there for someone, that may be what gets them through another day...Only God will relieve him of his burden...But we can notice and pray... Look to ONLY God today to relieve you of your burden...
Notice someone today.

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